How to Start an Essay

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Updated: May 19, 2023

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How to Start an Essay; Fastest PRO Essay Writers

How to Start an Essay


Types of essays that your instructor may ask you to write as a student vary and the length and content of your article rely on the level of study, subject, and course requirements. Academic essays generally purpose to induce the readers of a perspective through illuminated reasoning. Your essay should be a focused piece of work that presents ideas to make the most sense to a reader. An essay's structure should consider the logic of a reader by examining your thesis and anticipating what the reader needs to know.


How to Write an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay will require you to take a stand, whether for the topic or against it. Therefore, the subject of choice should be one that is more controversial to impact new opinions and perspectives on people. The rest of the steps are similar, whether your question is how to write an informative essay or argumentative.


Brainstorm Your Topic

In this step, you generate ideas for your essay. Think and list down every sense that comes to mind. Consider clustering o mind mapping while brainstorming to develop a suitable topic. From your list of viable issues, select the best one, paying attention to specific topics that you should avoid. The problem should not be too broad or too narrow.


Research the Topic

Conduct organized research on the selected topic to enable you to write a concise essay. Ways of carrying out this research could be visiting a library, searching for information from online sources, or interviewing experts on the subject.


Develop a Thesis

As the main point in your essay, a thesis statement should indicate the theme of the article. Keep it a single sentence stated in the introductory paragraph, and all your points should relate to it.


Outline Your Essay

A good essay writer must draft a skeleton structure of his or her paper to maintain the logic, organization, and flow—outline by writing the thesis statement, followed by a topic sentence for every paragraph. Minimize ideas in each section, with supporting facts, and include transitions between them to keep the flow of ideas.


Write the Essay

Follow your outline to write a clear and coherent essay. The thesis must be adequately supported with information in paragraphs, each having a topic sentence. The following is a guideline of actual writing on how to write an essay:


How to Start an Essay

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Steps to Writing an Essay

If you are an essay writer looking to grind his or her skills on how to write an essay, follow these simple steps of essay writing. Remember, sufficient planning is necessary for a successful piece. Most pieces are informative since they inform a target reader about a specific topic. Therefore, these guidelines are also useful for how to write an informative essay. Carefully choosing the type of essay you want to write is the first essential step. The kind you select may be a narrative, persuasive, or expository essay. The choice may also be a descriptive, argumentative, compare and contrast, or problem-solution essay.


a) Introduction

Write an introduction that hooks the reader to your paper, provides the background and context of the topic, defines the objective, and forms a thesis statement. Provide a map of your content in this section as well.


b) Body

Here, you support your thesis statement with arguments and providing evidence. Interpret and analyze all the sources and information gathered. As stated earlier, the type of essay you are writing determines the length of your body.


c) Paragraph Structure

Every paragraph should contain a single idea. Use topic sentences to introduce each section, including transitions to create a connection and flow of the senses. Give evidence of your arguments after the topic sentence, while interpreting and explaining the evidence.


d) How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

The conclusion is usually the final part of any essay. To write a firm conclusion, ensure it connects the ideas in the body, states the outcome of your arguments, and highlights the significance of the thesis statement for policy, academia, or the world. The conclusion should also examine the implications and importance of the topic. All these are purposed to impact a firm final impression on the reader. Remember, do not introduce new arguments, undermine your ideas, or use concluding phrases in your conclusion.


e) Check Grammar and Spelling

Once you have written the essay, reread your paper carefully to pinpoint grammar, spelling, and typing errors. Rereading is also necessary on how to write a conclusion for an essay stage to determine whether a reader can identify the theme of your paper.


Map your essay well to provide answers to the questions of what, how, and why. The above steps of writing an essay, together with a correct mapping of your work, will, without a doubt, guide you into writing a brief paper that does not only capture the reader's attention but also leave him or her yearning for more.


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