Most students still have difficulties on how to write a good essay title, that will represent the qualities of a good paper. So, this article provides solutions to the rules and steps for writing a good title. When worrying about how to create a perfect title, AccessEssay has sufficient experienced writers who could help you out and save you the time.

The title is the first thing every reader sees. A good title sets the impression or reactions of “Wow! This must be interesting,” or “Damn! This must be boring”. Every writer must select a title that captivates the reader and provokes the urge to read the content.

The Benefits and Purpose

essay title

A title is the determinant of your reader’s perception of your content. Have you ever read a newspaper, magazine, or article sold along the street as you pass? If yes, then there is a possibility that you chose a specific magazine or newspaper, but ignored others. The trick here is what really attracted your attention, and then appealed interesting to you. The same applies to essays; the title can either attract your readers or scare them away. So, the first purpose of essay titles is to trigger the curiosity of your audiences so that they want to read more. Freelance writers and students focus on writing a good title as the primary element for attracting readers, professors, and peers.

So, What Are the Qualities of a Good Title?

While most students know the importance of a good paper title, it is challenging to know the characteristics of a good title . Understanding the qualities of good essay titles enables you to make the best decisions and improve your essay writing skills. If you find the features below hard to put in essay writing, just post your assignment and AccessEssay will solve everything for you. So, here are the qualities of a good title.

essay title

1. Attention-Grabbing

Think about it; do you prefer reading content or academic papers with boring titles, or are you more inclined to opt for something with an exciting, eye-catching deadline?

2. Realistic

A good essay title is eye-catching or attention-grabbing. So, can you grab the readers’ attention using an exaggerated and unrealistic title? The answer is a big NO. Students and freelance writers may be tempted to make their titles catchy and exaggerated, but far from the truth in the content. Thus, do not exaggerate your title with unrealistic phrases that do not match the essay written.

3. Simple and Easy to Read

Complicating your essay title with complicated phrases, complex vocabularies, and strange fonts will put everyone off, including your teacher. Thus, avoid strange phrases, complicated structures, even some different fonts when writing your headline. Make it simple, precise, and easy to read.

4. Active Voice

When your essay titles contain verbs, ensure you use an active, not a passive voice. For instance, instead of “Is regression of society caused by celebrity culture?”, you should write, “How does celebrity culture contribute to the regression of society?”

5. Make it Short

This is self-explanatory to students and writers. Everyone who has ever read anything with a title knows that a short essay title is easy to identify, read, finish, and get to the content. Nevertheless, when the essay title is long, a reader may even skip to the next.

6. Accurate

As you try to make your essay title short, simple, realistic, and attention-grabbing, do not forget to relate it to the content below it. In simpler words, your title should accurately introduce what you talk about in the content of the essay. Never try to mislead, that can only harm the overall quality of the essay, and your professor will not appreciate it

How to Write a Good Essay Title? Step-by-Step

For learners hoping to learn how to write a good paper title, the following step-by step guide to write a good title by AccessEssay is your solution.

Write Essay First, Then Title Later

Whenever you are writing an essay when a title is not given, start with the essay. Writing the title before the actual essay may seem like a natural thing to do, but most authors do the exact opposite. Of course, you have a general idea of the essay theme and some words you will use in the title. So, just draft the ideas you have for the title somewhere and let them help you in developing your arguments. Writing your paper first will give you a clear idea of what to use in your title, save your time, and help you write the best title.

Refer to Your Thesis Statement

What is a thesis statement? AccessEssay answers that and helps you write one, just click the link. A thesis statement shows your argument or standpoint in regard to the issue you are writing in the essay. Thus, the best thing to do when writing a good essay title is to link it to your thesis statement.

Ensure the title summarizes the entire essay subject.

Sometimes students write essay titles that do not resemble the content of the essay. So ensure that the title is about what you discuss in the body

Use of working title

First, there are cases where the professor provides the title or topic; these are the working title. Secondly, working titles may be rigid or flexible when you are required to narrow it down to something specific. Either way, ensure your essay content reflects the topic.


Ensure you adhere to the title formatting styles as instructed. But, when such instructions are lacking, capitalize the first letters of each word for title case. However, keep articles, prepositions, pronouns, and conjunctions as small letters.

No underline

You should never underline the title unless instructed. Nevertheless, you may apply boldface freely.


Like the essay body, ensure you proofread the essay title. One of the ways of writing a good essay title is ensuring the lack of grammatical or typing errors. So, ensure to proofread the title to identify some of the errors in typing or grammar.

Make it tasty

There are some cases where a reader may realize that the paper is more interesting than its title. In this regard, a title may not be captivating or exciting as the content of the paper. So it is required that when writing a good paper, ensure the title is entertaining, captivating, and relevant to the content.

After learning some of the key steps on how to write a good title, it is now best to discuss the exact steps to writing a quality title.

Bonus: Descriptive Essay Title

Firstly, an excellent descriptive title should be written last. So, it means that you should first write a draft title, then write the paper, then revise the draft title to match the content. In most cases where a professor gives a working title, it should act as the draft title; then, your final title will be written after completing the paper. However, for an argumentative essay is different for a descriptive essay since it is written first to guide the body. Thus, the steps on how to write an argumentative title include;

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