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Help with Writing an Argumentative Essay


First, asking a classmate for help with writing an argumentative essay is not advised. Because, each person argues differently. Instead, you need to consult an expert who know the features of a good argumentative essay. That is why AccessEssay has invested in hiring the best argumentative essay writers to help you. In addition to solving any problem with writing an essay. So, our best academic writers have compiled a long list of topics to argue about in an essay.

When arguing in daily life, it is basically about stating your point and trying as much to justify your argument. However, in academics, college, or university, argumentative essay ideas are essential at the beginning. So, when the professor fails to give a topic. Then, how do you craft argument essay topics that are interesting and worth top grades.

AccessEssay further classifies the argumentative essay topics based on different aspects and areas of study. Therefore, we ensure that each student can get topics to argue about in an essay. Also, you access research paper topics that are argumentative. So, let us get down to it.

What are good argumentative research topic topics?

According to the data compiled by AccessEssay, a good argumentative essay topic narrows down to the issue. Also, it sets the author’s position or side of the argument. Moreover, the topics for argumentative essay are essential in setting the tone and provoking the argument. In short, the topic should set a controversial theme without a clear answer; this triggers arguments from opposite sides. So, how can you tell a good argumentative research topic?

  • It hits a raw nerve of the reader. Likewise, it should provoke audience to argue.
  • Solid facts can support it
  • It can be argued based on logic and not moral issues or perceptions
  • It leaves an aftertaste. Motivates the readers to continue thinking even when the argument ends
  • You feel energized to support it and sure about it.
  • Proper formatting

However, if you find it hard to craft a good argumentative essay topic or select the best topics for an argumentative research paper, let AccessEssay help you. Therefore, the list below shows samples of research paper topics that are argumentative.

Good argumentative research topics

  • Higher education is essential for everybody.
  • Humans can influence climate change.
  • Spanish is the simplest language to study.
  • Electric cars can travel faster and quieter.
  • Can a philosopher succeed in life?
  • Can football fields be constructed in every village?
  • Mobile phones are better for our life.
  • Argumentative essay writing is easy.

The best argumentative research topics

  • The Internet affects children’s development.
  • Topics for argumentative research should influence the reader to argue
  • Argumentative research paper topic should be provided in class.
  • Prisoners should be stopped from voting
  • Argumentative essay ideas can come from siblings
  • Are tests like the SAT are efficient nowadays?
  • Topic for argumentative research paper are contradictory.
  • Can school uniform equalize rich and poor students?
  • Girls today are more empowered and aggressive

Controversial argumentative research topics

  • The war against terrorism in Iran is politicized
  • Is politics always a dirty game?
  • Is gun control an amicable solution to crimes?
  • Should animals be used in experiments?
  • Gay marriages are illegal
  • Marijuana use has health benefits
  • Only a person with a native ability can become a great politician.
  • The prolonged use of a mobile phone is harmful
  • Fat people are less healthy

Best argumentative research topics for high school

  • Should teachers be blamed for learners’ poor performance?
  • Schools should only allow students from that region
  • Should schools ban vending machines?
  • People should dedicate more time to sleep.
  • Should parents be allowed to spank their children?
  • Children should not watch YouTube videos
  • Professors should provide good topics for argumentative essays
  • Students should seek help with argumentative essay topics online

Argumentative research topics for college

  • The voting age should be adjusted.
  • Is the white lie acceptable if the truth hurts somebody’s feelings?
  • Coca Cola dominates the soft drinks industry
  • It is necessary to ban energetic drinks.
  • Should schools include athletes as a part of school life?
  • Wealthy people should pay more taxes
  • Parents should help their children with homework
  • Argument essay topics are innovative

Interesting argumentative research topics for mid-school

  • Child behavior has changed over the last two decades
  • Should students attend single-sex schools?
  • Nowadays humanity is too dependent on technologies
  • Environmental pollution will lead to human extinction
  • Should the government influence our diet?
  • There is a connection between violent video games and violent behavior
  • Students should be allowed to choose argumentative essay topics

Sports argumentative research topics

  • Colleges spend too much money on sports.
  • Female student-athletes are discriminated against.
  • NCAA harms the academic progress of student-athletes.
  • Steroids should be considered illegal.
  • Is cheerleading a real sport?

Argumentative research topics education

  • How does gender affect education?
  • How does parents’ poverty affect the child’s education?
  • Are inclusive schools beneficial for students?
  • Can standardized tests determine knowledge and talent of a student?
  • Should everyone get a higher education?
  • Education is the key to success
  • Plagiarism makes writing difficult.

Medical argumentative research topics

  • Should the government punish parents of children with obesity?
  • Is it correct to oppose treatment because of religious beliefs?
  • Should teenagers do plastic surgery without parents’ permission?
  • Doctors should disconnect patients who cannot be alive without life support machines?
  • Some doctors contribute to the death of patients
  • Do doctors violate the children’s rights if they do not provide treatment according to the parent’s denial to treat the child?

Music argumentative essay topics

  • Can music be called an art?
  • What will be the next music revolution?
  • Can violent lyrics in songs affect violent behavior?
  • Is music in the workspace a disturbance?
  • Can Hip-hop promote criminal conduct?
  • Are today’s lyrics making any sense?

American history argumentative research topics

  • The impact of Mormons on the American outlook.
  • J.F Kennedy could have avoided his assassination.
  • Government prison system promotes racism
  • How did slavery impact the American economy?
  • The Federal Reserve had a high impact on the Great Depression.
  • The Second Amendment is the most controversial point of the Constitution.

Psychology argumentative research topics

  • Should surrogacy be legalized?
  • Depression is the leading illness of society.
  • Boy-Girl friendship is impossible.
  • Should men be protected from feminist attacks?
  • What a man thinks is what he says
  • Do parents encourage gender stereotypes?

Technology argumentative research topics

  • Can online dating replace real dating?
  • Technology limits creativity.
  • Exploring space is a waste of money.
  • The Internet promotes child pornography
  • Technologies make people feel lonely.
  • Social media ruins marriages
  • Children exposed to social media quickly get into sexual relations
  • Technologies have a positive impact on education.

Other topics

  • Moral rules enslave people.
  • Should abortion be legalized?
  • Is it ethical to use drugs enhancing cognition?
  • Something good may not be, right?
  • Is bad different from evil?
  • Should patriotism be considered a virtue?
  • Are people good or evil by nature?
  • Zoos are good for animals.
  • Wearing fur and leather is always unethical.
  • Only fools hunt rare animals
  • Wise people protect animals from harm
  • Is it OK for people to keep exotic pets?
  • Are wildlife preserves healthy for all species that live there?
  • The government should kill people who hunt rare species for profit
  • Should animal fashion be banned?
  • Immigration is a help to the national economy.
  • Illegal immigration can provoke terrorism.
  • Children of illegal immigrants should have access to the public system.
  • Government is responsible for refugees
  • Refugees should be considered legal immigrants.
  • Modern technology helps track illegal immigrants.

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