Students in universities or colleges often face challenges on how to write an analysis paper. The major reason is that an analysis paper requires a proper explanation of the discussed events. Similarly, it needs as a thorough analysis along with it. So, it is important in evaluating student’s knowledge on a given subject, as well as critical thinking and analytical skills. Thus, it is vital that the student show high competence on how to write an analysis paper. Students can be tested on how to write an analysis paper by letting them analyze a research paper, a movie, or a company. They can also analyze a book or an event.

Tips for Writing an Analysis Paper

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1. Understand the basics

Firstly, understand the basics of how to write an analysis paper. You must remember to write about the essence and peculiarities of the topic. And that you are not just describing the topic. The following should appear throughout your paper;

  • Explanation of the meaning of the topic
  • Analysis of the topic without bias
  • Comparison of the topic of the essay to something relevant; easily done by uncovering the pros and cons of the two
  • Evaluation of the subject by providing an argument and defending that option with supporting evidence

2. Compose a thesis statement 

Create a thesis statement that you will dwell on throughout your paper. And clearly indicate which side you stand; keep off irrelevant information. An example of a thesis statement is ‘Captain America: Civil War adequately captures the issue of giving up personal freedom for the sake of national security.  

The next important thing to do is break down your approach to the analysis paper. The following are the steps to follow:

  • Define the main goals of the analysis. No need to cover a wide range of issues on your paper.
  • Gather all the necessary information to aid you in clarifying the issue within the thesis statement. Carrying out research and experiments are common ways of gathering this information
  • Identify the main parts of the issue by looking at each part separately and try to see how each works
  • Try to identify the links between the various aspects of the topic and try solving the main problem using the information found

3. Create an outline and follow your format. 

General format for standard essay consists of five paragraphs;

  • Introduction; where a summary of your analysis paper is given, starting with a broad statement that narrows down to a field-specific topic
  • Body’s first paragraph
  • Body’s second paragraph
  • Third paragraph
  • Conclusion; this should be a summary of the main body, and give a firm conclusion that proves your opinion and viewpoints.

4. Choose a title. 

This is a very important step on how to write an analysis paper, as a good topic is the first step to composing a successful paper, and it should have the following three key features:

  • Entice and engage the reader
  • Be unique and able to capture the reader’s attention
  • Provide an adequate explanation of the content of the essay in just a few carefully chosen words

5. How to write an introduction

The first step is to understand how to compose an introduction to an analysis paper. It shows the reader an outline of the information to be discussed in the paper, hooking the reader to your paper right from the beginning. The steps to follow include:

  • Provide a lead-in for the reader by offering a general introduction to the topic
  • Include your thesis statement 
  • Present a general outline of the analysis paper

6. Write the body.

This is the next guideline on how to write an analysis paper where you show off your analysis talent. Provide a well-researched, well-thought-out, and convincing arguments to support the thesis statement. Discuss one argument per paragraph, strike a balance between writing in an unbiased tone, and make reasonable judgments. Also include the opposing point of view to create a balanced perspective.

  • Firstly, state your primary argument within this paragraph.
  • Secondly, support your argument with a relevant information from a peer-reviewed source, which is then cited. You may add a second argument also supported with a relevant source.
  • Thirdly, critically analyze the information from the sources and how they support or criticize your primary argument.
  • Finally, write a conclusive sentence summarizing the argument within the paragraph.

7. Use Credible Research Sources

Don’t forget to use some serious professional literature like articles, books and studies. Don’t forget to check up your internet supporting information; it is often doubtful and unclear.

8. Write a conclusion. 

The last guideline on how to write an analysis paper is on writing the conclusion. It should be short, sweet, and summarize everything you have written in your analysis paper, wrapping it up in style. Repeat the thesis statement, summarize your argument, and take it beyond what is simply stated in your paper.

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