A compare and contrast essay is a paper that discusses two different subjects, on how the two are similar and different. Note that these two subjects may fall in the same category, but also have distinct features. As a student, at times you may imagine that it is an uphill task to write a compare and contrast essay. Don’t get stuck anymore, this paper outlines all the necessary guidelines on how to write a compare and contrast essay. Firstly, you have to understand, what is a compare and contrast essay? A comparison is to asses two variables based on what they have in common. While contrast focuses on the differences between the variables. Now let’s go through the below steps on how to write a compare and contrast essay. AccessEssay has expert writers ready to write your compare and contrast essay from scratch. Try it now!

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay: 6 Key Steps

Choosing the Subject

To compare and contrast, you must have at least two subjects; these are what your arguments will be based on. You want to impress your professor with your compare and contrast essay? Select two subjects that are different, but in the same category. AccessEssay writers can create an original topic for you for free. Let us create your topic and write your paper.

Research on the Similarities and Differences

Write down a list of the similarities, and another list of the differences. Usually, these similarities and differences can be organized clearly through the use of a Venn diagram; two overlapping circles, one for each of the subjects that you want to compare and contrast. Start by listing their common features in the overlap area. Followed by listing the features that are not shared in each circle for each subject. This way it is easier to assess the two subjects with more efficiency.

The Main Argument in Compare and Contrast

You should be able to identify one major point from your list of similarities and differences and make it the main argument in your compare and contrast paper. Note that it is the point that rushes into your mind when you go through your lists. Or you can try to identify what is portrayed about the topic by these lists. Similarly, select which of the similarities and differences are interesting, and contain relevant information for you. So that your paper only contains what is worth to be in it.

Make the thesis statement for your compare and contrast paper specific to your subjects. Also, indicate a stronger argument, as opposed to just a simple thesis statement. Similarly, provide the reader with an insight into what you will be discussing. And let the compare and contrast definitions come out clearly.

How to Organize Your Essay

The first approach to go about this is writing every detail about one subject, and then the other subject follows. This is done by writing the features that are specific to the first subject, followed by those that are common to both the subjects. In the next part, shift your focus to the second subject; write about its specific features and the ones it shares with the first subject.

compare and contrast
compare and contrast

The second approach is the one that your professor would most likely prefer because as a reader, he/she will have no difficulty understanding the intention of your compare and contrast paper. This is where you write the comparison one point at a go. The first method for doing this is by discussing one similarity or difference in one paragraph, indicating how it is connected to all the subjects you want to compare and contrast or discuss each point and its connection to each subject in separate paragraphs.

For either of the compare and contrast structures you adopt, remember to create an outline for your paper. You can incorporate four body paragraphs, the introductory and conclusion paragraphs, as opposed to the normal three body paragraphs. Translational words are the key to the smooth flow of comparisons and contrasts, so do not forget to use words such as ‘similarly,’ for comparisons, and words like ‘whereas’ for contrasts. It is also important that you make the right decision on how to end your paper. A good ending should state what is most significant to you, which can either be a comparison of the similarities, or a contrast of the differences.

Support Your Points

Every writer must have had an inspiration from something, someone, or somewhere. You too will probably do some reading, or research before you start to write your paper. It is advised that you provide shreds of evidence to support your statements while comparing and contrasting throughout your compare and contrast essay. The evidence could be as well your personal life experience and expand on how this information connects to the main argument in your paper.

Check for Mistakes

You have now grasped the tips on how to write a compare and contrast essay and just completed your own. All you need to do now is read through your work, more than once if possible, as you try to identify mistakes such as spelling errors, improper use of grammar, and punctuation.

The paper provides you with an understanding of compare and contrast definitions; together with the steps on how to write a compare and contrast essay, your workload is greatly reduced and can now write a great compare and contrast essay to satisfy your reader. If you still need someone to write it for you, contact online professional writers who are experts on writing compare and contrast papers.

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