If you write a good title for your paper, you will immediately capture your readers’ attention. In writing, a good title is a serious matter that you must address adequately, or you may fail to attract your readers. Choosing a good title quickly helps the readers to determine if the paper is worth reading and the benefits of doing so. So, how to title an essay is a serious guide for every student seeking success.

Moreover, the title remains an important part of your paper as it will attract your professor’s attention and help you achieve good grades. Therefore, this article introduces the main features of a successful title. And a complete guide on how to title an essay to impress anyone. Also, the article provides rules how to title an essay.

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How to Title and Essay in 6 Steps

1. Communicate the benefits to your audiences

First, ensure to choose a title that tells the audiences what they will achieve from the content. The best essay titles provide solutions to the readers’ problems and prepare them to get solutions from the content. However, the rule is useful when writing titles for an expository or informative essay. For instance, the topic of this article ‘Complete Guide on How to Title an Essay,’ is informative and shows the benefits you the reader get.

2. Empathize on value and relevance to your readers

Secondly, try to include some specific details that capture additional attention to the essay. Some of the specific details are numbers, dates, or measurements. For example, ‘5 steps on how to title and essay ’. However, do not try so much to fix numbers where they do not apply.

3. Know your readers

Thirdly, try to understand your readers and write essay titles that meet their standards or preferences. When your reader is a professor, he/she likely likes complex terms and vocabularies that recognize their position. However, when your target readers are students, they likely prefer simpler terms or trending vocabularies. So, writing a title that meets your audiences’ preferences gives you a higher score.

4. Trigger the curiosity of potential readers 

How do you write an essay that captures your readers’ attention? The answer is your title.

Although a good title may meet the above steps, it is essential to trigger the reader’s desire to read more. So, a reader should be attracted to the title, and then he/she gets curious to find out what the essay is all about. You can trigger the curiosity of readers by including metaphors with a figurative meaning. Similarly, you could use alliteration to create the memorability aspect.

5. Engage the reader

The title should also include verbs, verbal nouns, or motive verbs that create the aspect of the headline. When writing a title to impress readers, the title must engage them using relatable or familiar verbs. Furthermore, verbal nouns create the orientation and attitude required to understand the content.

6. Make it short and clear

Firstly, a long title is an instant turn off since the reader may not be ready to spend much time on it. So, make it short and precise to draw attention while also capturing the attention required. Additional information that should be in the title goes to subtitles.

How to Test a Good Essay Title?

Now that we have shared the tips on how to title an essay to impress the readers, it is proper to review the test tool. While different writers may have varied tactics, AccessEssay offers the best criteria as attested by our clients.

Test for a Good Title

Use the questions in the table to check if your title meets the criterion. If it does, give the rating of yes or no

Does your title…
 Criterion Yes/No
promise readers some benefits? Promise
contain specific details that emphasize value and relevance? Specificity
relevant to the readers? Readers
highlight the essay? Positioning
arouse the readers’ curiosity? Interaction
communicate with the readers? Dialogue

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